A leading name in E-Pharmacy. They are one of our early clients. We have been fortunate to be trusted by them at the start of our journey. Over a period of 3 years, we have played a vital role in carrying out majority of the BTL Marketing activities in Kolkata.

Activities Executed: RWA Activation, GSB, Festive Drop Down, Retail Chain Activation, Garden Activity, Offline Store Management, IT Park Activation, Utility Advertisement etc.

Objective: New Customer Acquisitions and Trust building.

Achievement: We successfully met the objectives right from Day 1. We acquired more than 20,000 New customers for the brand with great retention rate.


Delhi World Public School (DWPS)

Delhi World Public School, Narendrapur. One of the franchisee school of Mr.Salman Khurshid, Former MEA, GoI. We were handed over a challenge when we started working with DWPS. As it was early days of the school establishment, we were entitled with creating brand trust and driving students to the school campus. Both of which we have achieved successfully through multiple marketing campaigns over a course of 6 months.

Activities Executed: RWA Activation, RWA Display Advertisement, GSB, Buzz creation in school vicinity.

Objective: Creating brand trust and driving students to the school campus.

Achievement: We managed to generate over 250 enquiries throughout with a conversion rate of ~5%. Estimated LTV of Business generated is ~ ₹75,00,000/-



HomeTown, one of the pioneers in Home Decors and renowned name of Future group. We have been working constantly since 2018 in the entire East India including Kolkata, Bhubaneswar among others.

Activities Executed: RWA Activation, GSB, IT Park Branding, OOH Campaigns etc.

Objective: Creating awareness about the latest brand offerings.

Achievement: We have successfully generated businesse worth more than ₹50 Crores through our campaigns.


TATA Croma

Tata Croma, the electronics arm of The Tata Group. We have played a vital role in creating impact awareness through our BTL Marketing in Kolkata and Bangalore among other locations.

Activities Executed: RWA Visibility Campaigns, BTL Activities.

Objective: Create impact awareness about store launch and end-consumer communication.

Achievement: We have contributed in the increase of footfalls at respective stores.



Motovolt, a E-Vehicle arm of Himadri Chemtex is one of major players in Electric Bikes.

Activities Executed: Utility Advertisement & Website Banner Branding

Objective: Creating awareness about Electric Vehicles.

Achievement: Successful reach of over 2 million households through utility advertisement.



Emami, one of the leading business conglomerates. We have executed a branding campaigns in 100 RWAs within 3 days creating a wider impact among the viewers.

Activities Executed: Visibility branding in RWAs

Objective: Create impact awareness about FMCG division of Emami.

Achievement: Successfully executed the campaign of installing 200 banners in 100 RWAs in 3 days immediately after the first lockdown.



Khadims, a leading footwear brands have appointed us exclusively to generate permission in RWAs during pandemic.

Activities Executed: RWA Activation

Objective: Generating Permission to setup a Pop-up Store inside RWA's.

Achievement: Successfully assisted in generating permission during Pandemic for Activities where the brand generated a cumulative revenue of Rs.20 Lac in 30 days.